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Patent No. 7,775,176

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Quick Boat Fender
is an artfully done almost indestructible boat fender hanger that slides into your empty rod holder hanging the boat fender over the side of your boat. Quick Boat Fender works with all boat fenders & boat bumpers that use 1/2 inch fender line or less & boats up to 60 feet. *Once Quick Boat Fender is adjusted for your boat, it never needs adjusting again. Looking for boat fender accessories? You found the coolest-best priced one.

Click this link to watch my son Reagan when he was 12 years old, set up Quick Boat Fender. Quick Boat Fender is the perfect boat fender accessory & works for fishing boats and pleasure boaters alike.

Between the crowds watching and the currents running, placing the boat fender at the proper height while docking a boat is just one more thing to contend with while you are docking.

Quick Boat Fender was developed at a marina in Jacksonville Florida. We came up with a great looking boat fender hanger that is almost indestructible and slips in any rod holder.

Quick Boat Fender
is one of the best boat fender accessories on the market and comes in six color choices to match your boat d├ęcor. Quick Boat Fender can takes hundreds of pounds of pressure & needs no alterations made to your boat to work. 10 year Guarantee.

Never tie boat fenders to your boat cleats or rails again!

Quick Boat Fender slips in your rod holder.
Fishermen and pleasure boaters love Quick Boat Fender. Tie one knot in your boat fender line and Quick Boat Fender is ready to use. Boat Fenders not included.

You Need More than One Quick Boat Fender

Boats usually have two rod holders on each side. To protect one side of the boat in the back and middle you will need two Quick Boat Fenders. You will need four Quick Boat Fenders to protect your boat on all sides while rafting or tying off to other boats. Quick Boat Fender is perfect for fishing boats and pleasure boats. If you don't have a rod holder on your boat, you'll want to install two on each side so you can have the ease of using Quick Boat Fender.

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*Quick Boat Fender is designed for boat fenders that use 1/2 inch line or less to secure the marine boat fender to the boat. Most marine boat fenders use 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch that are used on fishing & pleasure boats up to 60 feet. Once you adjust Quick Boat Fender, it should be at the right level for all floating docks.

Quick Boat Fender is the fastest & easiest to use of the many boat fender accessories and one of the least expensive boat fender hangers on the market. Quick Boat Fender works with all rod holders that have a bottom and almost all boat fenders that use 1/2 inch thick fender line or thinner. Check what fender line thickness you are using. If you have a larger boat/yacht. Fender lines connect the fender to the boat and are not as thick as mooring lines which secure the boat to the dock. Quick Boat Fender will work with any pleasure boat or fishing boat that has a rod holder installed and uses 1/2 inch fender line or less. Quick Boat Fender works with the following boat fenders & marine fender types and boat fender manufacturers: Taylor Made boat fenders, Polyform buoy boat fenders, Big B inflatable boat fenders, bass boat fenders, pontoon boat fenders, hull guard fenders, Taylor low freeboard bass fenders, survivor twin eye boat fenders, hullgard boat fenders, tuff end buoys, pwc boat fenders, crt boat fenders, polyform g series boat fenders, and polyform htm boat fenders. Quick Boat Fender is made of a non-corrosive plastic that can be used for salt water fishing or fresh water fishing. Boat Fenders not included.