An Overview: The Use of Rod Holders for Boats

Within any given activity, there are a set of tools and practices that need to be employed. Fishing, for a lot of people, counts as a relaxing and peaceful hobby. Being an essential tool when fishing, rod holders play an instrumental role for fishers. Designed and manufactured in a variety of designs, each rod holder fits a different purpose. Enabling a hands-free approach while fishing, a rod holder enables a comfortable fishing experience. As it allows you to sit back and relax, rather than holding the fishing rod for the whole time.

Depending upon whether you’re fishing from land or from a boat, you can pick and choose a rod holder fitting the framework of your criteria. The foremost purpose of rod holders is to enable the angler to not hold onto their fishing rods while fishing and to store their rods while travelling on the sea. Allowing you to focus on hooking the bait and navigating the boat, the rod holder tends to the back-breaking task. With the most popular and best rod holders being the angled single holder, these rods are screwed into the transom and gunwales of the boat during the course of the manufacturing process.

The Different Types of Best Rod Holders

Available in an array of different materials, rod holders are manufactured with ABS plastic, fiberglass, nylon, aluminum, stainless steel and chrome-plated zinc. With each sailor having a different purpose, choosing specific materials becomes paramount. Fiberglass and nylon do not corrode, however, aren’t as sturdy and durable as other treated metal. Chrome-plated brass and stainless steel rod holders, on the other hand, are perfect for rough waters. Being rigid enough, they can withstand the choppy and rough conditions at sea. For individuals seeking a more budget-conscious option, plastic and fiberglass rods are a good option for calmer water, as they’re suitable for bearing the brunt of less violent sea conditions.

Make your fishing experience successful and easy by choosing the right style of a rod holder.

  • Clamp-On Mounts

Being of the most versatile and reliable rod holder, this tool can get permanently installed into your mount. Allowing you to clamp it on wherever you need and in whatever position, this rod can easily adjust itself for different fishing types, be it side pulling or trolling. Hence, whether you wish to position them on the bow pulpit, stern pushpit or the radar arch, you have the liberty to utilize them in your own manner.

  • Deck On Mounts

This rod requires only a few holes for drilling and is perhaps the most convenient rod holder. Proving itself to be a piece of equipment that eliminates on-deck obstruction, it can easily be removed when required. It also enables you to keep a cleaner deck, while reducing any hassles you may face while fishing.

  • Flush Swivel

Such a fishing rod holder is most suitable for situating into an existing holder, as it allows the rod to be at least a 30-degree angle or be vertical. With the rod holder standing still, this is one of the best selections to choose when you’re out at sea for a big catch.

Why Choose Quick Boat Fender?

While choosing an appropriate rod holder is vital, it is equally important to protect and fend for your boat with boat fenders. Sliding into your rod holder or into your rod holder’s empty space, our boat fender hanger shields your boat from the damages it is exposed to while docking or while being docked. Using one of the sturdiest and toughest components on your boat, which is your rod holder, our boat fender hanger anchors itself. Being ideal and adjustable for any boat of up to 40 feet, our fender hanger adjusts to your boat through a simple knot, which stays hidden in the tube.

We understand how expensive boats are and are familiar with how expensive their maintenance and repairing is. Hence, our boat fender hangers don’t allow your prized possession to bear any damages. Hanging over the side of your boat, be it one of the best center console boats, our hanger allows a boat fender to absorb shock emitting from vessels bumping into each other or the docks. Requiring no special alternation or addition, these boat fender hangers are an easy and convenient accessory to add to your boat. Our distinctive patented design curves over the side of the boat, keeping the fender line from affecting the gel-coat or paint on your boat.

We offer functionality paired with aesthetically pleasing boat fender hanger – our products don’t entail any fender lines hanging about or cheap designs that spoil the appeal of your boat. With such attention to detail and possessing the capacity to bear hundreds of pounds of pressure, our boat fender hanger makes the process of docking a hassle-free one.