What Are Boat Fenders?

Any significant investment comes with its own conditions. Buying a boat comes with its own set of challenges, as protecting it and extending its longevity is important for securing your investment. Yet, for novice sailors, understanding the range of accessories, tools and techniques available for protecting their boat from harm’s way can be difficult. With each boating accessory playing a specific role, a boat fender works to shield your boat from bumping into other boats or into the docks.

It is understandable that leaving your boat docked on the docks may leave you feeling agitated. However, having the appropriate accessories on board can give you peace of mind. Acting as a cushion, fenders are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for vessels with differing weights and lengths. Most commonly they are made out of marine-grade vinyl & PVC, and act as the first-line of defense for a boat. Being the most popular type of fender for recreational boats, a double-eye cylinder can either be mounted horizontally or vertically through using ropes.

What Type of Fender to Choose?

Absorbing the shock resultant from boats bumping into each other, it is important to choose a fender that has built-in UV protection as this protects your fender from deteriorating or getting discolored. Also, it is important to choose a marine-grade vinyl fender, as it doesn’t scratch off the gel coat on the boat’s surface. Certain fenders also have an anti-microbial agent in them, thus stopping the breeding of bacteria that causes material to degenerate.

The defining conditions that need to be assessed while choosing a fender include the boat’s length, mooring conditions and the weight of the boat. In typical scenarios, it is recommended for there to be one fender for every ten feet of waterline paired with at least three fenders on each side of the vessel. In case, your boat is heavier than the normal limit for its length, or if the mooring conditioners are harsher, then it is advisable to make use of more fenders. With a variety of styles and types available, you get to choose which sort of boat fender you prefer:

  • Two Eye Cylindrical Fenders

These fenders have a molded-in fair lead or else a tab at each end. You have the choice to hang them vertically or horizontally. Hence, you can tie them on one end or tie both ends according to your preference.

  • Round Fenders

These fenders are most popular for large powerboats entailing concave bows. Being especially suitable for commercial fishing boats, these round fenders can also be used as a low-tech mooring buoy.

  • Rafting Cushion

These fenders are specifically designed for providing maximum protection when rafting.Made out of durable marine-grade vinyl, these fenders entail six molded tubes providing resistance and are capable of hanging either vertically or horizontally.

  • Transom Mounted Fenders

These fenders are designed for protecting a boat’s transom while docking in a marina. Fitting the edge of swim platforms and adequately gripping the fendering location, it is the perfect accessory for protecting specialized areas of a vessel.

  • Pontoon Fenders

Available and designed in specialized shapes, a pontoon fender protects the fragile aluminum fencing paired with the uncommon corners on pontoon boats.

With the boating and fishing experience being about enjoying yourself, there are different accessories that you can add along with your fender, for extending its lifespan. Be it fender racks, fender covers, fender suspenders or hand-operated fender pumps, you can choose to protect the singular accessory protecting your boat. Inclusive of some of the best boat fender accessories is a boat fender hanger.

Choosing Quick Boat Fender for Finding Quick Boat Supplies

We are familiar with how boat fenders are critical for protecting your boat. As a result, we equip you with adjustable boat fender hangers that slide into your rod holder or can slide into the rod holder’s empty space. Be it center console boats, fishing boats or cuddy cabins boats, our boat fender hanger protects your boat from bumping into other boats or into the docks. Adding functionality to your boat, our fish head designed hanger can bear significant pressure and is suitable for boats up to 40 feet. Our hangers make your sailing experience convenient and require no special modification to your boat.