Choosing between the dizzying options of vessels is a tiring task that demands focusing on the details to land with a boat that suits your lifestyle and serves your purpose. You have to think through the interiors, construction, material, engine, amenities, and a whole lot of other factors to ensure you cash in value for your money.

Although buying a boat that serves your purpose is the prime focus, here we bring you two distinct options to make a choice from. The Center Console and Walk Around boats though different have few oddly familiar features that make it challenging to choose one. The Quick Boat Fender helps you here to make a suitable choice for yourself.

Both the center console boats and walk around boats are put together to support serious angling and therefore come in a range of sizes. Although they have a similar use, their performance differs. They are apt for fishing sports and benefit you with 360-degree access around the rail. You have ample space to move around the boat during the hard fighting fishing session or handling the lines around the dock. Once you are aware of how each of the boat styles will help you, you can make a sound choice.

Similar Features

Since the two boats serve the same purpose, they do have a few features that they share. Some of the commonalities that the two boats share are:

Hull Shape

They have a perfect hull-shape to help them move through the waters with a bow flair that make your sea ride smooth. The boats cut through the strong winds swiftly giving you an enjoyable ride.


The boats have all the amenities such as rod storage, live and bait wells, cockpit wash down system, tackle drawers, and a bait prep station. All the fishing and navigation electronics are embedded in the boat for your convenience with a structure that supports T-top for shade and mounting antennas and rod holder. You can install boat fender holders on the boats as well to shield them from potential damage while docking the boat.

Head Compartment

The head compartment is at the center in the center console or a cabin of the walk around model. Where the small-sized boats have portable heads, the larger ones have fixed heads. There is also an outboard power that has multiple motors in bigger models.

Advantages of Walk around Boats

The walk around models have a cabin which helps in overnight boarding as well apart from protecting from the scorching sun heat during the day. You can also securely stash in your gear in the cabin so that they remain protected and you do not lose anything. The bigger your boat, the more spacious is your cabin that is equipped with amenities such as compartments, air-conditioner, and a galley.

The windshield covers the helm seating area so that the vessel is safe and comfortable. A larger model has additional features like convertible seating and a galley console. Compared to a center console boat, it is more versatile.

Advantages of Center Console Boats

You will find the center console boats to be more speedy and light in weight. They can better handle the rough waters due to their deeper vee hulls. These feature larger fishing areas at the front and offer greater visibility to the captain of the boat. The unobstructed perimeter enables casting along the rail effortless. In terms of storage space, the Center Console Boats have more room in the in wales for rods and gaff hooks.

The spacious sides around the head can hold larger fish catches without any interference. The passengers have easy access to water from the bow, sides, and stern of the boat. Provisions are available to add other commodities for people who do not use the boat for fishing alone.

Which Boat Is Suitable For You

Both the boats are ideal fishing boats. What matters, in the end, is your preference. Any boat that sits well with your lifestyle is the one suitable for you. You can consult a boat dealer to make your choices clear, and with all the differences and similarities mentioned, you can now pick a boat you will not regret buying!