There is nothing that compares to the thrill of buying a new boat. An overwhelming feeling, it can be difficult to choose the right center console boat. A big investment, center-console boats occupy a big segment of the small-boat market, as they bring a lot of utility to people. Delivering excellent performance, an aesthetic appeal, and rough-water ability, these boats are designed to create a smoother ride.

A Center Console Boat is a great investment for serious fishers. Due to these boats’ versatility, they can be used for just about any water-based recreational activity. Apart from the fishing gear, center console boats give passengers and owners the ability to store other equipment. Ideal for families, you can bring picnic baskets, folding chairs, and so much more with you while out on the water

What Is A Center Console Boat?

A center console is simply a boat with a steering station on a console in the center of the boat, with an open deck space or seating in the front and the back. An incredibly versatile design, center console boats are ideal for a wide variety of activities. A center console boat ranges from 18 to 65-ft and runs at 30-knots or more, making it easy to quickly get to a fishing spot or destination. A relatively popular option for those living near gulfs, waterways, and bays, center console boats are easily able to stay offshore and inshore. So, what should you be considering before you buy a center console boat? Here are some of our top tips.

  • Research About The Manufacturer

Before you decide to buy your dream center console boat, make it a point to check its manufacturers. A critical factor, quality is important, and while the boat may look quality driven from its exterior, you can’t really ensure that its parts are of quality. A parameter for gauging its value, check if the manufacturer is NMMA-certified. This certification establishes that the boat has been tested against safety and critical build standards. If possible, you should dig into the manufacturer’s Customer Service Index (CSI), as it is a program created to ensure customer service satisfaction. Additionally, you can also learn about the manufacturer in other ways, such as reading customer reviews.

  • Top Must Have’ Amenities & Features

It is necessary for your boat to best fit your lifestyle. Think about what’s really important to you, and make a list, ranked from most important to the least important. Will you be using your boat for fishing? Are you mainly taking it out for water sports? Will you be bringing friends and family along? If so, the preceding questions are all mandatory when choosing and buying a center console boat. Also, consider things like engine power, entertainment options (stereo), fuel capacity, storage capacity, number of rod holders, electronics packages, and other convenience features, e.g., showers and toilets.

  • Think About Your Budget

It’s all fun if you’re ‘window shopping.’ It’s never a good idea to set your heart on a boat that you can’t afford. With your budget being your guiding force, make sure to create a well-rounded budget for owning a boat, including the expenses of registration, financing, maintenance, storage, towing a trailer, and other miscellaneous expenses. By forecasting for these details, you can make sure you find a boat that is well within your price range.

  • Inspect The Boat

If you’ve found your dream boat, do more than just looking at it. All things considered, you should inspect the boat by carrying out a walk-through, and if you can, try and go for a sea trial. A deciding factor, a sea trial that will help you determine how it drives and how the boat handles turn. An added bonus, think about hiring a surveyor, especially if you’re purchasing a center-console boat larger than 30 feet.

  • Pick The Appropriate Hull Design

The hull design you choose should complement your lifestyle. If you’re someone who fishes off-shore, then you should choose a deeper hull, as it provides better stability and increases top speed. For boating on hydra lakes and shallow fishing, a better option would be a shallow hull, as it provides better maneuverability.

  • Search For Boat Fenders

While you’re planning on buying your dream boat, it is equally important to think about buying boat fenders. An inflatable protective body, a boat fender prevents any damage or scratches to the hull of your boat, while your vessel is maneuvering through the marina or while it is docked. A plus point, fenders are available in different shapes and sizes, depending upon the boat.

Quick Boat Fender offers adjustable, custom-white boat fender hangers that easily slide into empty rod holders. By hanging your boat fender over the side of your boat, they help protect your vessel from any potential damage. Anchored onto your boat’s rod holder, their boat fender hangers adjust to your boat with a simple knot, owing to their patented design. Known to instantly add an aesthetic appeal and functionality to the boat, Quick Boat Fender allows you easily place a fender on your boat.