Rod Holders

Anglers and game fishing enthusiasts know the feeling of arriving at the water without bringing their essential kits. This one piece can make a difference between the best days of the season to another uneventful day on the water. That necessary piece for anglers is fishing rod holders that act as their fishing assistant.

Why Need Them?

Rod holders for boats are supportive and useful tools that often go overlooked. A well-planned array of holders can keep all the fishing lines organized and eliminate frustration while you focus on finding the fish. Whether you troll for fish or switch out baits, these holders expedite your process and help you catch more fish.

Placing Fishing Holders on Boat

The positioning of fishing holders defines the caliber of an angler. While a pair of holders might suffice for light trolling, they will fail at full spread baiting. The number of holders makes the difference, and their precise placing complements your style of fishing.

  • Bait Dragging

Placement of right rod holders in the right place is the recipe for a successful fishing day. If you to drag the bait, remember that larger and finely tuned bait spread is more potent at raising fish. For bait dragging, placing maximum four to eight rod holders is more than enough. The placement depends on the size of the boat and its dimensions. The main rig can hold the most rod holders while you can also place them on either side. It all comes down to your fishing road type, its strength and baiting spread.

  • Live Baiting

The central console’s flexibility makes it the perfect place to set holders according to various fishing styles. During drifting, the arrangement of rod holders gives better water coverage and chance of more catch. With the holder’s angle adjustment, anglers can place the bait in any position that maximizes success.

  • Bottom Bumping

The same placement of live baiting is also suitable for bottom bumping or deep fishing style. You need to cover a maximum area of water and set your angle accordingly. The center console arrangements can hold as many rod holders as needed if you give each enough space.

Theoretically, you can place the holders anywhere on the boat. However, do look at the boat specifics and plan before you start drilling. You want a comfortable area without any obstruction that accounts to number and types of holders in use. Ensure that the spacing gives enough room to fishing lines without interfering with others.

Types of Rod Holders

You have available several types of boat rod holders depending on your boat type and fishing style. To choose the best combination, you need to understand the working of each holder type.

  • Flush Mounted Holders

The flush-mounted holders are the fixed mounts that you install on the gunwale of your boat. These holders have high-quality stainless steel material that keeps fishing rods straight or at an angle of 15 or 30 degrees. Stainless steel provides enough holding strength, and you can install them anywhere on gunwale according to your style. Flush mounted holders are the preferred option for those who do much trolling or switch styles for big game fish.

  • Removable Holders

You can mount removable holders on any vertical surface on the boat. These holders slid into place and removed easily when not in use. Generally, smaller boats that do not have space for mounted holders use this option. They lack the strength of fixed holders but do provide a versatile option for fishing rod storage.

  • Clamp-On Holders

Clamp-on fishing rod holders provide a suitable solution to boats that do not have space for mounting fixed holders. They provide a removable storage option without the need for drilling. They are an option for small game fish and general fishing outing due to their lack of strength than the fixed type.

Rod Holders


A benefit of these holders is that you can easily store them once you have completed your game. Remember that proper disassemble and storage is necessary to keep your equipment operational for long. These are a valuable part of recreational and commercial fishing and needs proper care from your side.

Final Word

A quick and easy way of mounting the holders is to visualize your boat and mark the areas you need mounting. Measure the distance and use your sketch as a blueprint for final installation. If you have the right knowledge and tools, installation of rod holders is a straightforward procedure. Holders for fishing rods is an upgrade that brings excellent value to your fishing boat and overall experience. With a bit of planning and thought, you can build ultimate fishing set up that gives you an improvement in fishing experience.