Boat Fenders

Docking is a necessary activity for a boat that prevents it from drifting away. However, a boat may suffer impact damage when it stops, primarily from larger vessels. This is where boat fenders come in handy as they act as a bumper between the boat and the dock to prevent impact damage. The design of this boat equipment is to avoid vessel collision with the port or other boats. The designs of boat fenders have evolved throughout time and devise in a way that it gives faultless prevention. Usually, the hull or head of the vessel is the location of the fenders. Regardless of placement, the purpose of boat fenders remains the same.

How do Boat Fenders work?

Whether inflated, cylindrical, flat, or soft foam, fenders have one purpose, and that is to absorb the impact during docking or collisions. The fenders insulate the damage that a boat receives and slows down the boat movement as it rolls. Docked vessels usually tie fenders above the water line to create a buffer between the dock and boat.

Types of Boat Fenders

Boat Fenders

There are various designs of Boat Fenders for Sale that fulfill different situations. Usually, small and light vessels use cylindrical or sausage-shaped fenders, while heavier vessels use the center hole or hybrid fenders. There are also specialty fenders like transom fenders used for unique arrangements.

Some of the most common types of boat fenders include:

  • Cell Fenders

The cell fenders have a cylinder shape with a hollow middle. The material of cell fenders consists of rubber. The dock has one end of the fender tied and has a cushioning pad on the other side that makes contact with a boat. The marine industry prefers it because of its ease in installation and durability. These fenders are the best in absorbing incoming damage from boats on all sides.

  • Transom Mounted Fenders

Transom fenders are special-purpose boat fenders for sale that protect the boat’s transom or swim step. This fender protects the swim step whenever the boat docks stern-to or Mediterranean style in the marina.

  • Rafting Cushions

A rafting cushion is a fender designed for rafting boats and tied to pilings using center holes. Rafting cushions cover a large surface area and do not roll or ride up.

  • Low Free board Fenders

The free board fenders rest high on the hull and hang inward on the gunwale. These freeboard smaller sized fenders protect low sitting boats such as fishing or ski boats. Large-sized fenders prevent bigger boats from riding under the docks during high tide.

  • V-Shaped Fenders

These fenders come with a self-centering shape that stays on the piling regardless of the movement the boat makes. Their designs complement every small and large-sized vessel easily.

  • Other Fender Types

Besides the mentioned types, some other boat fenders for sale include pontoon fenders, tuff end fenders, pile and cone fenders, and others. Each fender type fulfills the purpose for small or larger vessels according to design.

Fender Accessories

To reinforce the fenders further, you can attach several accessories. These accessories include:

  • Fender covers that keep fenders from getting dirty. Some owners customize these covers with boat names for a posh look
  • Fender tubing that allows you to store two or more fenders for immediate deployment.
  • Hand operated fender pumps that act as portable air fillers for inflatable fenders. They can also fill an inflatable raft or other items when needed
  • Fender suspenders that include clips, hangars, locks, straps, hooks, or cleaners for various uses

Precautions while Using Fenders

While selecting boat fenders for sale is easy, certain precautions users have to keep in mind. These include:

  • A degree of softness in a fender is necessary, so it absorbs kinetic energy and thrust. However, it must also have hardness enough to bear the impact
  • Take care of inflatable fenders and adjust pressure, or else they will burst during operation
  • Ensure maximum safety and longevity through proper maintenance and needed repairs

Final Word

Boat fenders are the perfect solution for boat owners to protect their investment. Boat fenders are relatively cheaper yet very effective in giving protection. Ensure that you select a fender according to your boat size and buy some extra fenders as spare. Keep your fenders clean, as they will last longer and look better. You can also use various accessories available to protect your boat and make your life much easy.