How to build a gaming PC yourself: three guides to building a computer up to 70-100-150 thousand

How to assemble a computer yourself and what components to choose? It is not easy to answer this question. Although we see some improvements in the market, the main slogan of the PC assembly manual will be the phrase – compromise. Here are three guides on how to build a gaming PC yourself.

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Building a PC for gaming in 2022 is still a challenge. Although the last few months have brought a lot of problems, if you decide not to endure the purchase of your dream computer, we will tell you which components are worth investing your hard-earned money in.

Three guides for building a computer up to 70 -100-150 thousand

How we will build a PC

For understanding, we will follow certain rules.

How we will build a PC

  1. The first is the three cost thresholds. Sounds like a challenge! However, for each computer we will try not to exhaust the budget to the last ruble. But, as prices are constantly changing, which is a consequence of various market complexities, errors are possible.
  2. The second is simplicity, because not every consumer needs to be fluent in deep knowledge in order to assemble a system unit. Otherwise, you need the help of a knowledgeable person. Brother, cousin, friend, or maybe just a PC builder from the outside, for a fee.

How to build a PC

There are many options, so we decided not to include the cost of computer assembly services in this guide. After all, if you’ve never done it before, you can always follow our guide and build your own computer.

Building a gaming computer up to 70,000