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What Are Boat Dock Bumpers

Bumpers are at both ends of a vehicle. They are there to protect them from severe damage and shock that result from a collision. Similarly, the marine or boat dock bumpers extend the life of your dock and boat by protecting them from a resulting collision that although unintended can occur while slipping in your boat.

Even when you have moored and docked your boat carefully, they tend to jolt or shove against the docks. The jostling causes them to scratch in the process. Since the boats have structures of fiberglass, the constant dents and scratches can cost the owner a fortune in repairing the boat constantly. The dock bumpers, therefore, emerge on the scene as a night in the shining armor.

What Makes The Boat Dock Bumpers Important?

Dock hits have nothing to do with your skill level or professionalism. Ever sailor, whether seasoned or seasonal, hits the dock at some point. Dock bumpers are kind of safety that you erect to save yourself from costly repairs and embarrassing scenes at a busy marina.

You can end up smacking out from $75 to $400 on the unintended repairs. The Boat Dock Bumpers can prevent you from this damage and come in varying sizes to cushion your boat against the thumps and bangs.

Types of Boat Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers or fenders come in varying designs and styles and are made of distinct materials. These include:

Foam-filled Dock Bumpers

The insulated or foam-filled dock fenders come in distinct configurations and angles. The most common ones are 90-degree and straight sections; however, you can find more arrangements as well. The dock bumpers reduce the impact on the boat and prevent rubbing that can peel of paint or result in scuffs.

Piling Bumpers

Piling bumpers are rather complicated to use. There are a number of ways to handle pilings, such as using fender boards on the boat. In case, the piling is in your slip, you will need a more permanent bumper on the piling itself. For this, you can use the strap-on piling bumpers that cover the pilings to serve the purpose. You can also use recycled tires by dropping them over the top of piling and down to the dock. Stock up enough tires to create a bumper.


You will commonly find tires lining the marinas as they are considered super effective against impacts. Making use of tires does an environmental benefit as well by keeping them out of the landfills to make the most out of them. The one trouble you might come across is that they rub against the fibre glass and cause scuffing. The tires can be along the length of the dock or slip to safe keep the Center Console Boats or any boat.

Dock Edging

The customizable dock edging is another way to form bumper at the dock. You can drill or nail them to the edge of the dock, which is a piece of cake! It is a great and effective way to protect your boat from repetitive bumps and thuds due to wave torrents. Make sure your sail to the dock is smooth and slow enough to cause minimum impact. Pulling in can be risky if you are coming fast despite the dock edging.

Dock Wheels

Dock feel are the best among all! They are multi-purpose as they not only fend your boat off the dock but also aid you while slipping in. They comprise two configurations, corner mount and side mount. You can cover up the corners and even line them along the sides. You will truly appreciate their presence on a windy day!

Installing the Dock Bumpers

Installing dock bumpers is not a difficult task. It will take a maximum of 30 minutes to put together the bumpers and that too, without any professional help.

The steps involved in the installation are:


Write down the dimensions of the area where you need to install the bumper. In addition, measure the distance between the dock and the water, this way the bumper remains visible from a distance. For the post dock bumpers, measure both the length and width of the post.

Preparing the Bumpers

Since the making of every dock is different, you will have to cut and shape your bumpers accordingly. Mark the holes or fittings so you can easily mount the bumpers.

Attaching the Bumpers

You can attach the bumpers using screws made of stainless steel. Although stainless steel is expensive, they can work well in marine conditions.

How to Choose the Right Dock Bumper

Ensuring the safety of your boat and the money spent are equally important. How to make sure which dock bumper is right for you? You can choose the right dock bumper by going for one that covers all the impact points. All the areas that are a potential hit need adequate protection and cushion. Size of your boat is another factor a larger vessel needs a thicker and larger protection material compared to smaller ones. Lastly, do not ignore the corners, as they are vulnerable spots.

Enjoy Stress-Free Docking

Why should your sailing end on a sad or panicky note! The dock bumpers take the hit instead to protect your boat so that you can fearlessly slip in your boat. They work alongside the dock edging for additional protection, covering the areas that are more susceptible to hits. Although the bumpers are quite resilient and last long, do check them for any flaws or loss of efficiency for timely replacements.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Center Console Boat

Moving through churning whitewater underneath the tinted orange sky blanketed in a brine-thick air is water lover’s bliss. However, the satisfaction is only acquired when your gear is complete, of which the essential part is a boat!

Whether you are underway to let the sea breeze sweep away your troubles and bond with friends and family or for a fishing sports session, the Center Console Boats are the convenient option. These are multi functional boats that make for a perfect offshore companion.

Since the overwhelming options of these versatile boats can leave you confused, the Quick Boat Fender eases your confusion with the handy tips below. Whichever center console boat you buy, make sure of the following factors, as there is no right or perfect boat out there, except for the ones that serve you optimally!

Deciding the Use of the Boat

The foremost factor is always the purpose of the thing you intend to buy. Similarly, you should determine the purpose you are purchasing the boat for and how it will fit your lifestyle. Since the multi-purpose and spacious boat can be used both for cruising and for water sports, you can decide on its use in your life to choose a center console boat that is right for you. Getting tricked into purchasing something that is not useful for you is not unusual. Therefore, it will be easy if you are clear about what you want and what features suit your mode of use.

Selecting a Manufacturer

Once you have thought of a boat that is suitable for your use, your choices are already narrowed down. It will help you pick a manufacturer that is renowned for producing the types of boat you are looking for. Quality is an uncompromising factor; therefore, make sure the quality behind the built is top-end. The manufacturer should be NMMA-certified. All the safety factors such as Boat Bumpers should be there along with ensuring the customer service of the company. Do your homework and go through reviews to get to know the reputation of the manufacturer. It is your money and life on the line, and both are important not to lose.

Going For a Sea Trial

Buying such an essential piece of your gear requires you show prudence. Since it is a big decision buying the right-centre console boat, you can contact your dealer and ask for a sea trial before the final deal. Keeping every detail in your mind and not losing yourself in the excitement is very important as you won’t only be risking your money but your safety too with something substandard. While underway, check that every part and feature functions smoothly so that your every ride is enjoyable and safe.

Center console boats are an exciting ride that offers you great features within the spacious boat. They are full of fun features and amenities that make your every offshore trip incredibly fun. Fishing or cruising, the entertaining boat elevates your serene experience.

Contact Quick Boat Fenders to make sure your boat has the safety features on so you can cruise complacently, knowing you are safe!

Make the Most of your Rod holders

Although rod holders can be fitted almost anywhere on a boat, most fishers know that it isn’t possible to keep their hands on their rod at all times.  After all, the boat needs to be steered; hooks need baiting, and sandwiches need to be eaten.  Rod holders offer a lot of versatility—bolt-on, weld-on, fixed, rail-mount, wall-mount. You can determine which spot will make your fishing adventure the most convenient through experimentation and personal preference.

Whether you’re fishing in a kayak, small outboard skiff, rowboat, or a larger vessel, your chances of catching fish increases by simply mounting rod holders on your boat. This will come in handy if you’re fond of fishing alone, or maybe it happens to be the situation from time to time. With rod holders, you will be able to catch twice the amount of fish than otherwise.

Rod Holders for Bait Fishing

Bait fishing at anchor will benefit from multiple rods, which allows you to run and test different types of outfits that increase the odds of reeling in fish. You can use the pre-rigged outfits instead of reeling in and re-casting the same ones over and over where the fish seem to be biting.

Make sure that your boat fender accessories are up to date because if the boat isn’t anchored correctly, any movement will diminish your chances of catching anything worthwhile. Multiple Rod Holders offer a higher level of experimentation out on the water and enable the storage of back-up or emergency outfits. Having different bait options will help you establish, which is most favored by the fish on any particular day.

Rod Holders for Trolling

We recommend using three outfits when trolling for salmon, bonito, tuna, or king fish—which will be quite different from those used during bait fishing because you won’t need to cast with them.

It is essential that you pay particular attention to the rod holder placement, distance from the stern, and running depth of the lures. Running three outfits simultaneously will give you a variety of positions without tangling the lines. Place an outfit with hard-boiled lures on each side of the boat that run at different lengths to avoid entanglement. They also need to be set at different angles from the stern of the boat. The middle one will hold a skirted lure, set back further than the others, and run on the water’s surface. This positioning will allow you to circle on the water while the lures pass over each other.

Another viable option is shortening the center lure so that it comes up to where the propeller wash surfaces, since the bubbles and noise of the motor tend to attract fish. You can mount your rod holders horizontally as that way, you can have your outfits ready and unhindered while you do other stuff.

Trial and Error

Many of the boats that are purchased these days may come with a rod holder configuration already installed along with Boat Fender Accessories. But do these really serve your purpose? In order to see if the set up works for you, you will have to take your boat out many times and play around while bait fishing, trolling, and casting lures. If you find any gaps, then those will quickly become apparent, and you can adjust it according to your preference.

Whether bait fishing or trolling, your boat can have a perfect set-up and be prepared for any kind of fishing that strikes your mood. Multiple rod storage racks can also help in storing more outfits when not in use.

How to Store your Fishing Rods

Hopefully, your fishing rods are stored meticulously instead of ending up slung in the corner of your shed. Proper storage is essential: you can install rod holders in your garage for this exact purpose.

If you’re a passionate angler, then you may have realized the invaluable assets that rod holders really are. They save space, rigging time, money, and damage. With some planning and experimentation, you can build the ultimate fishing set-up that will be apparent in your future fishing adventures.


The Pros & Cons of Choosing a Center Console Boat

The Pros & Cons of Choosing a Center Console Boat

Center console boats, best center console boats, rod holders for boat

You need to gain a comprehensive overview of the landscape,   whenever you try to enter into uncharted territory. Boating may not be a lifestyle suitable for everyone. However, the select few who do decide to indulge themselves in some quality time at sea, it becomes important for them to understand a few elements. With an array of boats available for sale, evaluating their specifications through certain criterions becomes necessary. Whether you need to choose a center console boat or a dual console boat, at the end of it all, the boat should meet your requirements.

Given the nature of the experience, people buy boats for different reasons. Be it for recreational purposes, be it for entertaining family and friends, or be it for learning the skill of fishing. Boating is a truly fulfilling experience and brings a great deal of sense of accomplishment. Hence, to make a decision regarding your boat, follow through to understand what floats your boat.

What Are Center Console Boats?

A center console boat brings forth a variety of usages for different people and occupies a considerable segment of the small-boat market. Entailing superior performance, sea-going lifespan and utility power, a center console boat is essentially an open hull single-decked boat where the helm is in the center. Certain models entail cabins, which are typically located in the bow for holding small berths for resting.

The Pros of a Center Console Boat

Being aesthetically appealing and delivering rough-water ability, a center console boat provides you with more room for amenities, such as a mini-galley or bunks. Optimized to get the job done, the boat comprises a flat floor and opens up the view of the boat to a 360-degrees. Therefore, not constricting your movement to any one particular side. Suitable for high-speed water sports, it provides open access in all directions. It is the perfect boat for serious men and women looking to get into fishing, as is supportive for fishing or general-purpose towing,

This boat offers excellent spec versatility, as it channels fuel efficiency and encourages minimal transom dead rise harnessing a single-engine. With the best center console boats offering accessibility and visibility, you get to pull into a busy dock and maneuver around tight spots with relative ease. Requiring no additional crew for docking, you can independently operate a center console boat. Owing to most models entailing no special accommodation and cabins, this boat doesn’t allow valuable space to be wasted.

You get to catch onto a reluctant fish without having trouble moving around your boat, as this boat makes the process of fishing hassle-free and obstruction-free. Taking on deep-sea waves without any problem, their V-shaped hull paired with a customizable single-engine design allows to you benefit from maximum efficiency.

The Cons of a Center Console Boat

On the opposing end of the spectrum, there are several elements that don’t work in the favor of a center console boat. Offering limited seating capacity and no weather protection, they spoil the experience of being out at sea. With no seating available, you don’t get to take your friends or family along for an expedition. And while you’re out at sea, you expose yourself to harsh weather conditions, resulting in sunburns. Additionally, due to not being designed with the best hull forms, a center console boat can’t compare with other water sport boats.

Buying Specialized Products from Quick Boat Fender

Most center console boats comprise a length of 18 feet to 40 feet, making them perfect for using our boat fender hangers. With the boat’s design making docking easy, our boat fender hanger protects your boat from bumping into other boats or into the dock. Easily adjustable into rod holders for boats or into the empty space of a rod holder, our boat fender hanger offers a high level of functionality.

Our hanger anchors itself onto your boat’s rod holder, which is one of the toughest components of your boat. Designed with a unique curved design, our hanger takes the fender line to the edge of the boat, making the line not rub against the gel-coat. Rather than allowing your prized investment to bear the brunt of others or your faults, it is important to make use of accessories that make the boating experience trouble-free. By tagging onto your boat in a simple manner, our boat fender hanger offers a 10-year replacement guarantee.

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