Docking with the best boat fender hanger

Quick Boat Fender – adjustable boat fender hanger slides into your rod holder hanging your boat fender over the side of your boat to protect your boat at the dock and frees up your boat cleats.

You have enough to do while docking your boat, without worrying about where to place the boat fender, or how far down to tie the fender line to the boat fenders? Then after you dock, you worry about the fender hangers staying in place. Quick Boat Fender comes ready to use with a 42” fender line and a beautiful white fender washer. It can take hundreds of pounds of pressure and uses one of the sturdiest things on your boat as its anchor, your rod holder.

Quick Boat Fender can take hundreds of pounds of pressure, and comes with a 10 year replacement guarantee.

Quick Boat Fender was developed at Jm JACKSONVILLE MARINA in Jacksonville Florida


Enjoy boating and docking when you use Quick Boat Fender hanger.

Quick Boat Fender takes the fender line away from the gel-coat protecting your boat








Quick Boat Fender – adjustable boat fender hanger adjusts with a simple knot and comes with a 10-year replacement guarantee. Make sure it’s part of your quick boat supplies and your only boat dock fender holder.

How does Quick Boat Fender adjust to my boat? If you can tie a knot, you can adjust Quick Boat Fender to any boat or boat fender, and it comes with step by step illustrated instructions, Click Here to watch a You Tube video on how easy it is to dock your boat using our product. Quick Boat Fender slips in your rod holder allowing the boat bumper to hang over the side of your boat protecting your boat while docking and protects your boat at the dock. Additionally, Quick Boat Fender are the easy to use and an almost indestructible boat fender accessory.

Quick Boat Fender w green boat fenders at wooden dock