How Quick Boat Fenders Work

Quick Boat Fender – adjustable boat fender hanger slides into your rod holder hanging your boat fender over the side of your boat freeing up your boat cleats and protects your boat at the dock. Quick Boat Fender comes in a kit with a Quick Boat Fender, a beautiful custom-made white fender washer and a 42” fender line. It adjusts quickly with a simple knot. Our unique patented design curves over the side of your boat and keeps the fender line from rubbing the paint or gel-coat on your boat.

Don’t ugly up your boat with a cheap imitation that looks obscene and has fender lines hanging in your boat. Quick Boat Fender is ecstatically pleasing to the eye and adds class and functionality to any boat. The beautiful fish head was designed by an artist in Florida.

Quick Boat Fender uses your empty rod holder as its anchor which is one of the sturdiest things on your boat. It stays attached to your boat fender and stores in any boat bumper holder or boat fender holder so it’s ready to use quickly when you are ready to dock.

The Perfect Mate for Your Boat Fender

There are many ways to hang your boat fender. My son and I designed Quick Boat Fender while owning and operation in Jacksonville Florida 1 ½ miles from the Atlantic Ocean. We were able to see the many ways people attach boat fenders to a boat. I have seen rails bent; fender clips pulled out of the gel-coat even cleats ripped out causing untold damage to the boat. Quick Boat Fender uses one of the sturdiest things on your boat as its anchor – your rod holder.

Quick Boat Fender – adjustable boat fender hanger are ideal for almost any kind of boat up to 40 feet. You only need a rod holder. If you don’t have a rod holder, they are easy to install. Quick Boat Fender easily slides into your empty rod holder. Quick Boat Fender adjusts to your boat with a simple knot that stays hidden in the tube, allowing you to hang your boat fender over the side of the boat and look good doing it. Quick Boat Fender needs no special alternation to your vessel. Thus, making it easy and convenient to use.


What is Quick Boat Fender?

Quick Boat Fender is a great looking product that makes docking easier, more convenient, and is the easiest to use boat fender accessory available. Our product takes less than a minute to adjust to your boat, and once adjusted, Quick Boat Fender never needs adjusting again (for most floating docks). Simply slide Quick Boat Fender into your rod holder, lock it into place, and hang the boat fender over the side of your vessel.


Why Choose Quick Boat Fender?

Quick Boat Fender slides into your empty rod holder, hanging your boat fender over the side of your boat. Quick Boat Fender’s curved design takes the fender line to the edge of the boat so the line does not rub the gel-coat. Quick Boat Fender requires no alterations to your boat. Quick Boat Fender is capped off with a beautiful fish head designed by a local Floridian artist.





“These things are great! Sturdy, easy to set, and make life a lot easier approaching the dock. A winner! I wish I needed more!”


– Brian B., St Pete, FL.


Looking for boat fender accessories?

Once Quick Boat Fender is adjusted for your boat, it almost never needs adjusting again for floating docks. Quick Boat Fender can take hundreds of pounds of pressure and comes with a 10 year replacement warranty.



All Of Your Fender Needs

Boats usually have two rod holders on each side. To protect one side of the boat in the back and middle you will need two Quick Boat Fenders. You will need four Quick Boat Fenders to protect your boat on all sides while rafting or tying off to other boats. Quick Boat Fender is perfect for fishing boats and pleasure boats. If you don’t have a rod holder on your boat, you’ll want to install two on each side so you can have the ease of using Quick Boat Fender.



Fender line and washers included

Quick Boat Fender comes with a rope kit that includes two (2)
36 inch 3/8 inch fender line and two washers.. Boat Fenders are
not included with your purchase of Quick Boat Fender.


Quick Boat Fender on a troller_800160

Slot locks the Quick Boat Fender in your rod holder.