Quick Boat Fenders (2) w kit


Boat fender hangers have been suspect and unreliable in the past. Not any more. Introducing  – Quick Boat Fender. The best looking boat bumper hanger in the market today. Quick Boat Fender slides into your vessel’s empty rod holder and hangs your boat fender over the side of your center console boat, and locks your boat bumpers into place. It is a great looking product that is capped off with a beautiful fish head designed by a local Florida artist and makes docking safer, easier, and protects your boat..

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Quick Boat Fender’s adjustable boat fender hanger slides into your boat’s empty rod holder, hangs your boat fender over the side of your boat while docking and locks into place. Quick Boat Fender makes docking easier, and more convenient no matter your skill level. Because of our product’s unique curved design, it takes the fender line over the edge of the boat, so the fender line does not rub your boat’s gel-coat paint. Quick Boat Fender – adjustable boat fender hanger is the easiest to use boat fender accessory available, and requires no alterations to your boat. It takes less than a minute to adjust.

Once installed, it never needs adjusting again for most floating docks. Quick Boat Fender comes ready to use in a kit with two 42” fender lines and two beautiful white fender washers and is sold in a 2-pack or a 4-pack. Quick Boat Fender works with all boat fenders/boat bumpers that use 1/2-inch fender line or less on boats ranging up to 40 feet in size.

Don’t ugly up your boat with a cheap imitation that looks obscene and has fender lines hanging in your boat. Quick Boat Fender is ecstatically pleasing to the eye and adds class and functionality to any boat. The beautiful fish head was designed by an artist in Florida.

“Warning: Quick Boat Fender is not recommended for boats larger than 40 feet, and is not designed to be used in hurricane conditions, hard wake zones, or high wind weather systems such as a tropical storms.”

U.S. Patent No. 7,775,176. Boat fenders not included.


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